Jakethis of Jake Johannsen
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Jimmy Pardo from jimmypardo.com stops by for a friendly visit

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It's your favorite. Nigel J Lawrence from nigeljlawrence.com/

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Check Ricarlo out on Twitter at  

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Topics of interest to us and the future of our this are covered. You can email me jake@jakethis.com

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Say hello to Joe at

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Check out my guest Ryan Dalton and all his places.

  on Twitter



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Check out Allan at allanhavey.com

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It's Allan Havey from allanhavey.com

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Comedian Tushar Singh stops to tell a tale of adventure.


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Hey it's Nigel from nigeljlawrence.com/

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2 Conversations with 2 men in DC.

It's Rahmein Mostafavi and Frank Gannon

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Nigel and I chat it up about a gig and a Tiny House Movie.

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It's comedian Murray Valeriano from murrayvaleriano.com

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Nigel is back and we are talking it up for you!

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Check out the Monster Party Podcast With

James Gonis, Shawn Sheridan, Larry Strothe, and Matt Weinhold



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Very funny Kira Soltanovich @kiracomedy

also kiracomedy.com

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My wife, Belinda Waymouth, and I get in bed to discuss the book

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

  • Written by: Elizabeth Kolbert 
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My friend, Director, Producer, Editor, Technologist, Athiest, Polyamorous Emery Emery!

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My wife, Belinda Waymouth, and I talk about her latest blog piece on the Huffington Post

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It's Nigel Back in the Town Saddle

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