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This week I sit down with my friend Dave Anthony and we figure it all out.  I mean all of it.

Check out Dave on his podcast Walking the Room or his website http://comediandaveanthony.tumblr.com/.

Also, buy his CD "The Shame Chamber" out soon on itunes.

I'm at jakethis.com

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This is part of a simultaneous release of Jackie on my show and me on her show The Dork Forrest

So pleas check that out!

On this episode we discuss erotic fan fiction, Dr. Who, marriage and fidelity, 9 year old audience members and getting dressed to go out if you are from Wisconsin.

Enjoy and check out Jackie Kashian at jackiekashian.com or me at jakethis.com

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Troy Walker is a lawyer and an excelent Comedian.  We talk about that plus video games.  Live it up.

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Nigel is back in town for some vital talk about important issues.  Not really.  We're just talking.

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Another in the series of conversations with comedians in my hotel at the Aspen Comedy Festival.  Robert Hawkins keeps it real and buys a hat. Also he helps me out with an eye booger. Check us out at jakethis.com and roberthawkins.biz

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