Jakethis of Jake Johannsen
I am going live weekdays at 3pm CA time on Facebook YouTube and Periscope with my wife, Belinda Waymouth. These are our shows from April 20 and April 21. I hope you enjoy them. Take care of each other and follow my wife on all the socials to help me out with my marriage. 뼀뻖?쀲䂃㸖맺䃗廓뽴偂뺛紅쀺儏䀇㪬㽽㸗廓㽴偂㺛㽩⡰㻲翀㼘隉㾬ꀱ뺔𢡊쁒候뿊㉐뺷鐚㽛烄㼙嫪㻱碞㿯兤뵪퟿솢쿌㹸肘䁿얘뽡햹뼈쀰㧫㾍ई㽱㉐㺷㽅᠁㽒ᇣဢ
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