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Sean O'Brien tells the story of how he met his Sweedish Sweetheart on the Valentine's Day Episode. Nigel stops by for nonsense.

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That's right. I'm going solo on this one because I have a surprise flight to NYC to appear on Late Show With David Letterman Feb 8.  That's 2013.

Thanks for the support.


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This week my friend Greg Brown came over.  We talked about comedy and Cheffing.  He used to work for Lance Armstrong so we talked about what Lance Armstrong eats plus knives and blenders.  Have at it and thanks for listening. Check my whereabouts at Jakethis.com and check Greg out at Gregisfunny.com

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What can I tell you? Nigel Checks in while my daughter is sick in bed with the flu.  Good times on short notice. Please crank it up!  Jakethis.com is where you can learn all about me.

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Yeah that's right. Ice Fishing. Jakethis.com

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Here we go again.  I am back from Costa Rica and Nigel is up in Canada. It's all on and it's all for you. I will be at jakethis.com if you need me.  Until then please enjoy and thanks for the support.

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That's right.  You heard me.  This week's guest is my lovely bride.  She is pretty funny.  You will see.  You can see where I am going at jakethis.com  Go for it at all times.  And I thank you.

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It's just you and me this week as I celebrate Christmas the old fashioned way: by rambling on for the better part of an hour about what's on my mind. Polar Bears, Super Models and Russian orphans.  I cover some ground from my hotel room in New York City.  Let's live a little for once in our lives.  Get the whiskey and some headphones. Find out where I am going next at jakethis.com and thank you all for another great year!

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Nigel returns from Canada for an in house chat about a lot of things.  Wild moose, mechanical bulls and Santa Claus are all covered in this pre-Christmas spectacular.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads these things and if I am wasting my time.  I almost typed Santa Clause instead of Santa Claus.  There's your Easter Egg.  Thank you for listening.  Check my whereabouts at jakethis.com.

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This is a conversation with my friend Dr. Karen Jaffe.  She and I discuss sex and Parkinson's disease.  It turns out they have a little bit in common. Also I get a little education on some of the new STDs.  There's a little something for everybody whether you see a gynecologist or not.  Check it out and thanks for the support.

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