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Scott Wilson is a great comedian. He works at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexinton Kentucky.

I work all over the place.  Check it out at Jakethis.com

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This weeks guest is a friend and a successful Author of books that make me laugh.  Check him out at Chrismoore.com

Check me out at Jakethis.com

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Nigel is at Nigeljlawrence.com

I am at Jakethis.com

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My wife stops in to the poditorium for a hello as well.

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Also my wife stops in for a few rounds. Jakethis.com is me.  Nigeljlawrence.com is Nigel.

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Plus my wife stops by for a little swearing. Check us out at Jakethis.com and nigeljlawrence.com

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My friend Nigel Lawrence is back to talk Doctoring and Chropractic plus Energy Drinks mixed with Vodka in Asia.  Visit Nigel at his website nigeljlawrence.com  I will be at jakethis.com if you need me. Thanks for listening.  Enjoy!

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It's just you and me this week with a little drop in from my wife.

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This week I sit down with my friend Dave Anthony and we figure it all out.  I mean all of it.

Check out Dave on his podcast Walking the Room or his website http://comediandaveanthony.tumblr.com/.

Also, buy his CD "The Shame Chamber" out soon on itunes.

I'm at jakethis.com

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This is part of a simultaneous release of Jackie on my show and me on her show The Dork Forrest

So pleas check that out!

On this episode we discuss erotic fan fiction, Dr. Who, marriage and fidelity, 9 year old audience members and getting dressed to go out if you are from Wisconsin.

Enjoy and check out Jackie Kashian at jackiekashian.com or me at jakethis.com

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Troy Walker is a lawyer and an excelent Comedian.  We talk about that plus video games.  Live it up.

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Nigel is back in town for some vital talk about important issues.  Not really.  We're just talking.

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Another in the series of conversations with comedians in my hotel at the Aspen Comedy Festival.  Robert Hawkins keeps it real and buys a hat. Also he helps me out with an eye booger. Check us out at jakethis.com and roberthawkins.biz

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Back to Cuyahoga Falls for a visit with my friend Pete.


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How many blueberries would you have to feed a bear before we all get to diig in to some Bear Steak?


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I talked to Tammy Pescatelli at the Aspen Comedy Festival and she told me about her incident in Florida with a drunk hooker at her show. Give a listen.  Live a little and enjoy your life. Check out Tammy at her website Pescatelli.com and check me out at Jakethis.com

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Comedian Nick Griffin and I talk about doing the Letterman show while we are together in Aspen Colorado. Check him out at nickgriffin.net  Check me out at jakethis.com

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Hey it's Slaytuesday on the podcast.  I talked to Bobby at the Aspen Comedy Festival about his dinner with Woody Allen.  Bobby's website is bobbyslayton.com and mine is jakethis.com

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Nigel and I chat it up in the poditorium. Live it up ladies.  Don't forget to wash your hands!

I will be at Jakethis.com if you need me.

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Sean O'Brien tells the story of how he met his Sweedish Sweetheart on the Valentine's Day Episode. Nigel stops by for nonsense.

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That's right. I'm going solo on this one because I have a surprise flight to NYC to appear on Late Show With David Letterman Feb 8.  That's 2013.

Thanks for the support.


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This week my friend Greg Brown came over.  We talked about comedy and Cheffing.  He used to work for Lance Armstrong so we talked about what Lance Armstrong eats plus knives and blenders.  Have at it and thanks for listening. Check my whereabouts at Jakethis.com and check Greg out at Gregisfunny.com

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What can I tell you? Nigel Checks in while my daughter is sick in bed with the flu.  Good times on short notice. Please crank it up!  Jakethis.com is where you can learn all about me.

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Yeah that's right. Ice Fishing. Jakethis.com

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Here we go again.  I am back from Costa Rica and Nigel is up in Canada. It's all on and it's all for you. I will be at jakethis.com if you need me.  Until then please enjoy and thanks for the support.

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That's right.  You heard me.  This week's guest is my lovely bride.  She is pretty funny.  You will see.  You can see where I am going at jakethis.com  Go for it at all times.  And I thank you.

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It's just you and me this week as I celebrate Christmas the old fashioned way: by rambling on for the better part of an hour about what's on my mind. Polar Bears, Super Models and Russian orphans.  I cover some ground from my hotel room in New York City.  Let's live a little for once in our lives.  Get the whiskey and some headphones. Find out where I am going next at jakethis.com and thank you all for another great year!

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This is a conversation with my friend Dr. Karen Jaffe.  She and I discuss sex and Parkinson's disease.  It turns out they have a little bit in common. Also I get a little education on some of the new STDs.  There's a little something for everybody whether you see a gynecologist or not.  Check it out and thanks for the support.

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Surprise Green Room Visit with Chris Voth and Stephanie McHugh.  I think the title says it all. Check me out at jakethis.com. Chris at chrisvoth.com and Stephanie at stephaniemchugh.com

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I breakdown our pet situation and let you know how to shop for a racoon.  Denver's own Dom Testa of the Mix 100 morning show chats with me in my hotel about radio and these kids today.  We believe the children need to make a few changes.  Dom breaks it down and calls out Thomas Edison as a pornographer.  You be the judge and thanks for listening.  I'm at jakethis.com.  You can find dom at domtesta.com

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Happy Thanksgiving!  I am going to talk it out with you for a good while.  Then my friend Stephanie McHugh and I are going to have a little chat about childhood and parenthood.  Check me out at jakethis.com and her out at stephaniemchugh.com

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This week I ramble on and then Al Jackson stops by to ramble on with me.  We drink some coffee and talk about going on the road and going to the bank.  Lonliness and sex and our hot wives in the bedroom.  There is some good advice and maybe some bad advice.  This is another chace for you to judge another person or just listen in and see what works.  Check me out at jakethis.com and check Al Jackson out on twitter @aljacksoncomedy and facebook https://www.facebook.com/AlJacksonComedian

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Nigel reports in from Canada for Hot Ass Talk.  Naughty doctors and Halloween Hookers vs Real Hookers.  Who makes more money srippers or hookers and should it be a law that pornstars wear condoms?  Let's figure it all out together.  Live it up and don't forget to vote.  Check jakethis.com for my whereabouts and follow a brother on twitter @jakethis.  Gracias!

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Nigel is back.  A man jumped to earth.  Another man was killed by a shark. Plus Fleetwood Mac Dinner Theater in Canada.  It's a big week with a short story.  Thanks for the support.  Check jakethis.com for my whereabouts and I will see you on the road.

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OK Joe is not currently a cheater. But he wrote a humorous book about cheating called "Cheat" with Robert Kelly and Bill Burr.  Joe De Rosa is comedian, a friend and an author.  We talked about all that plus drinking, eating and depression.  Check Joe out at his website http://www.joederosacomedy.com/  Check me aout at my website jakethis.com  Check us both out at a nightclub.  Enjoy the show and then buy Joe's book at Amazon  That was all a little bossy.  I apologize.  I am trying to help.  Thanks for listening. Would it kill you to write a positive review on itunes? That was rhetorical.

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Tom Wilson phones in to save the day after internet snafus destroy a conversation between two lonely men in Canada.  Nigel and I were the lonely men in Canada and Tom Wilson is a friend of mine.  Tom is also an accomplshed actor and a musician and a painter.  Tom wrote a book and has his own podcast called Big Pop Fun.  He tours the Universe as a stand-up comedian and is a happily married father of four.  How does he find the time to talk to me on the phone?  He's my life coach.  It's his job.  Unpaid but still.  Please enjoy Tom.  And as always my whereabouts can be found at jakethis.com.

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Nigel Skypes in from far Eastern Cananda and I sit down after a show in Sacramento to talk with comedian John Ross.  He is a funny man with a dark past. Lapsed Christian.  Born addicted to methadone.  He makes that funny onstage and we have some laughs backstage with his girlfriend Nanci and last week's returning guest Joe Klocek.  Here is a link to John's website.  Here is a link to Joe's website. You know I'm at jakethis.com.  I don't think that Nanci has a website. Also Nigel and I discuss the age old dilema of sword or hatchet plus crashing the renaissance fair dressed as robots.

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On a recent gig in Sacramento, the State Capitol, I had some fun shows with my friend Joe Klocek.  So now he's on the podcast. You can check out Joe's comedy at his website standupJoe.com.  He's had some bad luck with the ladies and we talk about it.  Joe has never had a massage and he is a full grown California resident.  I think a good massage can really help you get through a tough time.  But I digress... as always.  Check me out at jakethis.com and I will see you at the nightclub.

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This week Nigel and I have a chat about a Kyak. I finally get together with Dr. Jim Raines in Sacramento.  Dr. Jim knocks out a theme song with the help of his friend Tom Flemming.  I do my best to get involved with the podcast machine on a roadtrip to Walnut Creek, CA.  Dr. Jim and I discuss his carrer as a musician and psychologist.  Tom helps us understand his life as a musician slash life insurance saleseman.  We drink some beer eat some pizza and have some fun talking about our wives. This time was a good time.  Check Dr. Jim out at http://jimrainesmusic.com and as always my whereabouts are to be found at jakethis.com.  Thank you friends.

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My guest this week is Frank Gannon.  He is one of my most interesting friends.  We met when Frank was a segment producer on Late Night which was David Letterman's show on NBC before he moved to CBS.  We talk about his days working for Letterman.  We talk about a previous job he had working for Richard Nixon.  We also discuss bacon and ice cream.  There is something for everyone.  Nigel and I connect on the phone to discuss the possibility of doing the show entirely on the phone.  (Probably not going to happen.)  Check jakethis.com for my whereabouts and click here for a story Frank wrote about Bill Hicks last appearance on Letterman.

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Nigel checks in from Canada to fulfill podcast obligations.  We drink some tea and discuss our survival strategies from my house to his mom's house.  At times it may seem like we are on a drug but that is not the case unless my wife and his mom rufied us.  That would be weird to say the least.  I can't remember if I had sex later that night or not though now that I'm thinking about it.  Please enjoy this week's talking and check jakethis.com for my whereabouts.  P.S. It is currently still impossible to dig to China.

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I had a chat with my old friend Clark Taylor while I was down in Tampa.  He's the man that married my wife and I.  He can walk the walk and talk the talk.  He can also drink the drink and dance the dance.  He's a man's man who knows what the ladies like.  We covered Burritos to Blowholes.  We had fun.  I hope you like it.  As always check jakethis.com for my whereabouts.  I will see you there.

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Epsiode 7 When Nigel and I Were Kings

Nigel checks in again and the podcast machine is back.  Let's find out who might be racist and who might be sexist.  I share my ideas on post apocalyptic survival and there is a surprise visitor.  Someone says something naughty.  Nobody gets hurt and we all have a good time.  Drive safely and take it easy on the phone.  Also check my website for all my doings and whereabouts.  Jakethis.com

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Two handsome men try to figure some stuff out.  OK, one of the guys is me so there's that but my wife's friends tell her that Nigel is handsome.  One of our biggest chalenges is to figure out how to bring "dial a shot" to the internet in order to videoconference online drinking.  Also discussed are the Olympics , the next Ted Knight, and that woman who washes your hair at the salon (barber shop).  Please listen and see if you can help. Check Jakethis.com for more information about me and my whereabouts.

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I have finally reached Nigel on the internet phone.  In this episode we discuss the posibility of going into the drug trade and ideas for reality TV shows.  It's real good and I barely discuss my colon.  Enjoy!



Please email me which celebrities you would like to see get punched and why.

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This episode starts off with a brief contemplation of death at the hands of my colonoscopy doctor and then moves into a contemplation of current events.  Nigel was indisposed so I am forced to go well down the road of losing my mind conversing with myself.  There is also a conversation with my guest Pete who is the owner of the Funny Stop Comedy Club in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  You can see a photo of the Lebanese Feast we discuss on my website: jakethis.com  Thanks for listening!

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Well, I'm getting the hang of it.  Nigel has moved back to Canada. Minor speed bump. Joe Matarese stops by for a story.  There's a movie chat about "Big River Man." Plus I learned some tricks on the computer.  I had to listen to it to edit it and it made me smile.  I'm working on the next one as you read this.  So, Please: Listen.  Enjoy.  And as always... help me. Love, Jake.

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It took me a while but I am coming with a third episode in short order.  In this episode I talk to my friend Nigel about Canada and a Santa move.  Also my father tells a story about how he broke his own nose with a hammer.  Please Enjoy.

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O.K. This is my first episode so I am just trying to get started.  I hope it's at least a little amusing.  My friend Nigel Lawrence came by to help me out and I think at least he is funny.  He is a terrific comedian and he is also Canadian which makes him exotic.  Well, you be the judge.  Sorry there's no theme song.  I'm working on it.

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