Jakethis of Jake Johannsen
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Hang in there.
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I’m back and I missed you!
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Chris Ryan is the Author of “Sex at Dawn” His new book is called “Civilized to Death” and should be out soonish. “Tangentially Speaking” is the name of his podcast. Check Chris's website: https://chrisryanphd.com/ for more information and a link to his Ted talk
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Just me this time. Hang in there.
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Chris Ryan is the Author of “Sex at Dawn” His new book is called “Civilized to Death” and should be out soonish. “Tangentially Speaking” is the name of his podcast. Check Chris's website: https://chrisryanphd.com/ for more information and a link to his Ted talk
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Also Rat Chat
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Brunch, Brexit, Rachel Dolezal, and Horn Honking. It’s a big week.
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I am still here.
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Chris Ryan author of Sex at Dawn stops by for a chat
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Chris Martin is a stand up comedian from the U.K. He has a podcast called the Carl and Chris Podcast with Carl Donnelly. Check him out at http://www.chrismartincomedy.co.uk/
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Zoe Coombs Marr is a great comedian I met last year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Her show "Trigger Warning" won the Barry Award. The Barry Award is an annual prize presented to the most outstanding comedy act at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It is named in honour of Barry Humphries, one of the festival's founding patrons and is generally regarded as the most prestigious award of the festival

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Kaytlin Bailey is @kaytlinbailey on twitter and co founder of the Cake Comedy Tour @cakecomedy on twitter
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My guest is Chris Ryan

From https://chrisryanphd.com/

Check out his book "Sex at Dawn"

and his podcast "Tangentially Speaking"

Seriously do it!

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Sara Schaefer has won 2 Emmy Awards and is a funny comedian.  Also a nice person.

Check out her twitter and say something nice @saraschaefer1 

Also subscribe to her website here: http://saraschaefer.com/

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Dr Chris Ryan wrote a book called "Sex at Dawn" about non-monogamous sex amongst Hunter-Gatherers and Fighter Pilots among other groups.  It's a life changer if you're in to having your life changed.  Even if you like your life how it is it's a pretty interesting book.  Books: they're cool but not all of them.  This one is a cool one. 

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Dr. Chris Ryan stopped by to discuss Economic Injustice, Porn, Climate Change, Plumbing, friendship, Personal Hygiene,  Breast-Milk Ice Cream and Swamp Tigers among other things.   I am so glad to call him a friend.

Check out his book: "Sex at Dawn"

How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships

This is his website:


You can find out about his podcast "Tangentially Speaking" and start listening right there and download it from your downloading place.

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Emery Emery produced and directed my special "I Love You".  He has helped me through countless technology issues.  We discuss my next special and various other tangents.  Check Emery out on his podcast "Ardent Atheist"  He's a powerful idea man.

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My friend comedian Adam Hills from http://adamhills.com.au/ stops by to talk about producing my show at this year's Melbourne Comedy Festival

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Dr. Christopher Ryan is my guest this week.  Author of Sex at Dawn Available here on Amazon

You should also check out his podcast Tangentially Speaking and his website: http://chrisryanphd.com/

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This is some silly talk about movies but you can check out some of Belinda Waymouth's environmental writing here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/belinda-waymouth/

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Jimmy Pardo from jimmypardo.com stops by for a friendly visit

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It's your favorite. Nigel J Lawrence from nigeljlawrence.com/

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Check Ricarlo out on Twitter at  

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Topics of interest to us and the future of our this are covered. You can email me jake@jakethis.com

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Say hello to Joe at

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Check out my guest Ryan Dalton and all his places.

  on Twitter



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